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  • Energy – 22% of the electricity be come from renewable energy sources. (9 steps towards a better environment)
  • Water – Recycled project. (11 steps towards a better environment)
  • Chemicals – Disinfectants mush be used only where necessary, (6 steps towards a better environment)
  • Waste – unless required by “Environmental Management”, none of the following disposable products mush be used in rooms and restaurant. (7 steps towards a better environment)
  • Other Services. (7 project, towards a better environment)
    • A no smoking section is available in the area.
    • Information is available to the guests and staffs area.
    • The accommodation is providing environmental communication and notices.
    • Drinking water Refill-able bottles for guest accommodation and staffs.
    • Bicycles are available for the guest and staffs.
    • The locally sourced food products are offered at each meal.

By planting trees in Khao Lak, we will help to protect the environment. Its flora and fauna as well as Khao Lak wildlife.

Environmental benefits of planting trees

Trees are like the lungs of planet. Through the natural process of photosynthesis, trees adsorb CO2 and other pollutant particulates, then store the carbon and emit pure oxygen.

Trees provide natural habitats for wildlife such as birds and squirrels. They also provide habitat for many endangered species.

Trees are the energy savers. Planting trees around homes and buildings can reduce the need for air conditioning. Energy conservation helps reduce global warming.

Trees help prevent soil erosion. Soil erosion is a serious problem because it reduces levels of nutrients for crops and other plants, and decreases the diversity and abundance of soil organisms. Tree roots make the surface of soil in place, and the branches of trees can decrease the impact of rain on the soil. Fallen leaves may turn to natural fertilize and improve soil quality.

Where will the trees be planted and by whom?

You will find the Garden of Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort & spa initiative in several destination soon. Our pilot project has been launched on the Khao Lak.

The pilot project will provide the space for the trees and take care of them.
If you wish to plating them please contact our receptionist for future arrangement for you.

Can I visit my tree?

You are warmly welcome to visit the Emerald Beach Resort to assure yourself of the well-being of your tree.

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