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Khaolak Emerald beach Resort &spa

Ao Phang-nga (Phang-nga bay)

Designated a marine national park in 1981, Ao Phang-nga covers a coastal and offshore area. Mangrove forests are found along the shoreline. However, the most striking feature is the bay, which is bottled with more than 100 islands, weirdly shaped limestone outcrops swathed in tangles of creepers, shrubs, and mostly uninhabited. Some rise sheer from the water, others are humped or jagged and all present a haunting aspect. Many have notable feature, such as Khao Khian, where prehistoric rockprinting can be seen on the cliffs; Ko Panyi where there is a Muslim fishing village buil on stilts; Ko Phanak with beautiful caves, and “James Bond Island” which is famous for the location of the movie.

Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort & spa operate organized excursions to these islands. > for more details

Muko Similan (Similan Island)
Muko Similan are also preserved as a national marine park, extending over an area of 32,000 acres. Set in the Andaman Sea about 1 hour boat ride from the Tab-ra-mu Pier(Closed to Emerald Hotel). The nine islands of of the archipelago are quite distinct from those of Phang-nga. The islands are of granite, not limestone which makes them a rare beauty. The formations are also uniquely different. Together with hiking trails and other onshore attraction, however, Similan’s reputation is its 30 excellent and dissimilar diving site. Coral walls, huge sea fans and barrel sponges, rock reefs, swim-throughs and other under water features offer a wide variety of opportunities for experiencing, while of shallows excellent
Conditions for snorkeling.

Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort & spa operate organized excursions to Muko Similan. > for more details

Muko Surin (Surin Island)
This National Marine Park, comprising five islands and covering more than 33,000 acres, is located north of the Similans. The islands are best reached from the Khura Buri, and Tabramu Pier. Again the main attractions are scuba-diving and snorkeling, as the coral formations are spectacular. However, the two largest islands KoSurin Nuea and Ko Surin Tai (North and South island, respectively) have good potential for exploring on land, with seral hiking trails and, on KoSurin Tai, sea Gypsy village.

Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort & spa operate organized excursions to Muko Surin. > for more details

The major sights are cave, waterfall, temple, Golfing, Elephant trekking, Safari, water Rafting, care rental and a choice of local market buy.

Other Attractions
Tham Phung Cahng

This cave is located within the grounds of Wat Phra Phat Phra Chim Kaet behind the Provincial Hall. Inside are stalagmites, stalactites and a stream that runs all year round. Distance, 30 minutes drive form the hotel.

Khao Lami-Hat Thai Mueang National park
The national Park covers an area of 18,000 acres. The main features are Namtok Lampi (a medium-sized cascade with three levels reaching a height a bout 100 metres) and Tong Phrai (a large waterfall with a powerful flow year-round.) Distance, 30 minutes drive form the hotel.

Wat suwan Khuha
This is one of Phang-nga’smost important and most fascinating Buddhist temple. Located within the temple compound is a series of superb caves, thelargest of which (Tham Yai), measuring more than 20 metres by 40 metres, enshrines Buddha images, the giggest being a magnificent 15-metre reclining Buddha. Distance, 1 hour drive form the hotel.

Khao lak –Lam Ru National park
Extending over a vast area, the park encompasses both mountain and coastal environments and includes a number of interesting features such as Khao Lak Beach. Which is only 20 minutes walking distance from Khaolak Emerald Beach Resort &spa.

Sporting Opportunities
Waters : Scuba- diving, snorkeling, Sea Canoeing

Some of Thailand’s very best dive site are located off the shores of Phang-nga, especially around Mu Ko Similan and Mu Ko visit these waters is by joining excursions organized by Khaolak Emeral beach resort & spa counter tour.
Whether you simply require on land and waters activities, Khaolak emerald Beach Resort & spa operate organized excursion for half or full day

The rainy season is from May though October, yet … most days are sunny …
The best time to visit is December till April.
To avoid with any disappoint, please contact via

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